Victor Chaney is a dentist in private practice in Vallejo, CA, where he keeps the fountain on display. Before
dentistry, he received his bachelor’s degree in Physics. His electronics education comes from books, magazines,
and Internet. He also plays pedal steel guitar in a Rock-and-Roll/Country band, “Coyote”. His last fountain,
"Insectopia", won top prize: Creativity Trophy in the Best-of-Show Competition at the California State Fair.

Technical Stuff contains computer code for the PIC microcontroller that analyzes the MIDI music. contains the Basic code for the Basic Stamps, and a spreadsheet telling which pins had which
FountainNotes.doc contains additional notes on pumps, lasers, patinas and a few additonal notes for the more
serious builder.


1. The MDF-4 Midi Data Filer can be found at

2. Thorsten Klose’s extensive work with midi is at: , and my modified version of his
midi filter is linked above left, used with permission.

3. Fountain foggers, and other fountain supplies can be found at Artistic Delights Fountain Supplies.

4. Solenoid valves and pumps can be found at Mendelson Electronics

5. Micro-Mark has telescoping sizes of brass tubing.

6. Brass balls and gears are great at McMaster-Carr Supply

7. Incredible selection of metals, parts, and materials is at Small Parts, Inc.

8. A good reference for working and soldering metals is The Complete Metalsmith by Tim McCreight, available
from Micro-Mark.

9. Patina chemicals and sulfuric acid are available from Bryant Laboratory.

10. Urulac #9778, is a "catalyzed clear exterior coating" by G. J. Nikolas & Co., Inc., at 708-544-0320, sprayed on
with a little aerosol spray kit from the hardware store.

This is taken from an article I wrote for Nuts and Volts Magazine, and it appeared as the cover story in the June,
2003 issue. It is reprinted by permission of T & L Publications, Inc.