Appointments may be made
by calling (707) 643-1703.

Office hours are 9:00AM to 12:00Noon, and 1:30PM to 5:00PM, Monday through Thursday, by appointment. The office is
closed on occasion for holidays and vacations.


Dr. Chaney is available 24 hours a day. When the office is closed, his answering service is always available to track him down
by phone or pager. When he is on vacation, the answering service is able to connect to the doctor covering his emergencies.

Financial Arrangements

After an initial examination, a complete plan of treatment is provided, including an estimate of cost. Fees for treatment are
payable at each appointment. If you have insurance coverage, the amount payable may be considerably less than the total fee.

Dr. Chaney accepts all insurances that allow you the freedom to choose your dentist, which are most insurance plans. This
does not include plans that specify that you must choose your doctor from a list. We are happy to help our patients with their
insurance, including preparation of the insurance forms, and providing a written estimate of insurance benefits for all planned

Patients are reminded that their insurance policy is an agreement between them and their insurance company; and not between
the insurance company and this office. The office can make no guarantee of any estimated coverage and it is important that
patients to understand that they will always be responsible for their total obligation should their insurance benefits result in less
coverage than anticipated.


Dr. Chaney treats children starting at three years old, the age a child should first see a dentist. Dr. Chaney likes children, and
welcomes children to his practice.

We strongly recommend that a child's dental care begin as soon as the child has teeth. As soon as teeth begin erupting into the
mouth, it is time to begin brushing them. When he or she is old enough to handle a toothbrush, then the child should be
brushing twice a day. The main reason for this is to get in the habit of brushing. Also once a day mom or dad should brush
them. This is to actually get them clean. By the time the child is 6 years old, he or she will be old enough to get them clean
without help from mom or dad.