Why RBS?

This was a truly fun project to build. Getting each stage working was a challenge, and was satisfying to see it work the way I
wanted it to. In a public place, people love to watch these kinetic art machines, and sometimes there are crowds that can
accumulate. I heard complaints that sometimes a person could not get close enough to see what was happening. “The Flying
Marbellos” won “Overall Best of Show” at the Solano County Fair, and "Award of Excellence" at the California State Fair. It
is on display in my office waiting room, along with my musical water fountain “H-2-Opus” (Nuts and Volts, June 2003).

Victor Chaney is a dentist in Vallejo, CA. His college bachelor’s degree is in Physics, and his electronics education is mostly
self-taught. He has learned it from books, magazines and the Internet.


Stepper motor, 12V, 200 steps, Jameco Reliapro mfg. #42BYG228, Jameco #155432
Triac 10A, 200V mfg. #SC146B, Jameco #31819
Triac Driver NTE3048, Jameco #273471
Solenoid, 120VAC, Dormeyer #7014, Grainger #2X661
Ball bearings for helicopter, .125” ID, .25” OD, McMaster # 57155K63
Roller Chain #41, ˝” pitch, McMaster # 6280K492
Gearmotor 120VAC, 10 rpm, McMaster #6142K54
Gas-Saver, McMaster #7948A11
Universal Bender, Micro-Mark #82819


McMaster-Carr is a great source for brass, steel balls, tools, gears, chain, bearings.
Jameco Electronics has electronic parts, steppers.
Parallax, Inc. is the originator of Basic Stamps and tons of free information on how to use them.
ServoCity: servomotors, linkages.
Sherline lathes
Little Works of Art Marbles: incredible selection of marbles.
Small Parts, Inc. is where you find heat shielding compound, and other useful things.
Micro-Mark: telescoping brass tubing, Universal Bender.

Links about RBS's:

Rolling Ball Sculpture Forum: a discussion group where you can get help and search for information. If you start at the
beginning, and read all of the posts, you can learn just about anything you want about these machines.
Eddie's Mind has some imaginative work by Eddie Boes. He includes some very interesting elements in his work, and seems
to be an expert at keeping the balls on just two track wires by banking his tracks so well. Eddie Boes is one of the masters of
this art.
Rolling Ball Web has lots of information and links about RBS's.
George Rhoads is an accomplished professional at this. He has made many giant RBS's, often using pool balls. I have seen
his big one at the San Jose Tech Museum (CA). It is two stories tall and it is awesome.

This is taken from an article I wrote for Nuts and Volts Magazine, and it appeared as the cover story in the December, 2005
issue. It is reprinted by permission of T & L Publications, Inc. Note that there is updated information.

RBS Construction goes to pages of more construction details

Pins & Functions.zip is a spreadsheet that tells which pins of the Basic Stamps have which functions.

Programming: zip file that includes Basic Stamp programs for operating everything, and how the pins of the Basic Stamp are
hooked up. The .bs2 and .bsp files are programs written in Pbasic, and are readable as text files with any program that can
read text, like Notepad or Word. The comments in these files also contain information as to how it all works. Parallax has a
free editor that makes reading these files easy, in color, with a wonderful help system.